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The Good Times Roll at Garthowen
Saturday 8th April 2006
Garthowen Road, Central Tablelands, N.S.W. Australia - Lat: S33°36'20.44" Long: E 149°39'30.02"

Well well well, (yes I know, three holes in the ground) what a beautiful place!  The mood was very positive and very friendly, so much so that we dubbed it the "Good Times" meet.  You just had to be there! 

Everyone was so pleased to be there and there was no agro, no big egos, no problems at all.  Well maybe some minor ones, technical issues and freezing cold overnight temperatures but other than that, if could not have been better.

A big thanks to our hosts Carol and Andrew (and kids) for being excellent hosts and going out of their way to make sure we were all being looked after and the feedback I got from everyone was that "you guys rock!".

The Track was very technical, tight and twisty and some very tricky corners and some very good ones too.  Although only 282 Metre's in length (we measured it out) it made for a very fast and competitive 2 hour race. It's kind of like a very short version of Eastern Creek that loops back to the main straight at turn 7.  Everyone had sore hips by the end of the day, you can see why in the pics!

Ok, well what happened in the 2 hour then?  Well it started off with the local Chapman boys (bike 77) and Noel & Michael (bike 08) battling it out for the lead, these bikes were a league above the rest of us. (125cc bikes running methanol and who knows what else!) Next was me and my team (Dave P, Jason & Chris R) and on my 105cc Methanol/Nitrous Oxide Powered Number 3 bike.  Then there was the rest of the field, about 7 or 8 bikes in total. We call these guys also-rans because we cant remember all the names! (only joking boys!)

The Ending was like this, The Chapman's 125 chonda died out of the race close to the end, leaving Noel and Michael on 08 well out in front and in 1st PLACE.  2nd was a bit contentious because bike 28, Rohan and newcomer co-rider Josh think they got 2nd but discussions later on suggested that it was 

actually my team on bike 3 (Warren, Dave, Chris & Jason) that came in 2nd PLACE.  3rd? Well that goes to whichever one of us wasn't 2nd but most likely Rohan & Josh.  <big grin boys> Better luck next time eh!

Some other good shows of the day... the Team Spence JPS special (bike 15) went Methanol and boy were they impressed with themselves. They reckon they came 4th.  Bob! the only way to win is not to crash all the time mate - and hey, let Blake have a go, you hog! <grin>

Young Hessam and James turned up but left just as the 2 hour got started.... I think they knew they had no chance. <good one lads> Lucky you didn't stay the night, you would have frozen like the rest of us!

It was also good to see Andrew (and his mate Simon) having a go on his Team FART (Fresh Air Ram Technology) bike.

Who else was there?  Pete! cant forget you...on the CT110 powered YZ80 frame, love your work mate...hey Pete, get a Team it's a lot easier to win and stay out for 2 hours that way.

Dave Clist!  Get a bike that works mate and you might have a chance.  You should leave the Bruce Speight Memorial (Green Hornet) bike at home as a memorial.  I can't remember who you were riding with (was it  Ray?) but you were shithouse dude, you're the reason why they lost pal. <smile>

Great Work everyone!  You all won!  And so did Postiebike racing!

NEXT MEETING SAT 17th JUNE 2006 AT HALLWOOD!  YEAH!!!!  The weekend AFTER the Queens Birthday Long weekend (QB Mon 12th). It will be very dark and very cold...brrrrr!  Might have to have a Magnificent sparkling rocks tour for old times sake to warm everybody up, and a nice big bonfire! What you reckon Dave and Andrew?                                            Regards, Warren L.


Ok lets start off with the nice old house.
Doesn't look like much from this angle.

First Race - 5 laps warm up.

Hey that's me! with Bob behind me where he belongs.
Here it is my NOS bike with young Harry and his dad Dave!


Andrew and Simon and the Team FART bike.

Fresh Air Ram Technology - where do they get these acronyms??


The Camping & Pit area

The Start of the 2 hour Enduro!


Noel was in great form!
Wow wee I over took Dave! Gee that felt good!


No 77 125cc Pocket Bike engine powered Postie bike
Optus Dave had a good safe dust free day!


Andrew on the FART bike - oh well he looks fast!
What a machine! It's a long way from stock!


Team NOS bike 3 rider change over - slick!
The first casualty - Ray & Dave - chickened out... too dirty.


Bike 77 rider change and refill methanol - great teamwork!
This is how most of us saw Noel (08) ALL DAY.


Have another look at this!
Some nice pics of my bike by Rohan.


Some nice pics of my bike by Rohan.


Our hosts, Carol and Andy at the after party.


The entertainment, Dave, Julian and Dave. (and boy were they funny!)
Nothing like a bit of aeroplane flying to cure a hangover.


Wow wee how fast is this! Fully sic!
Simply Magnificent Views!

A frosty Sunday morning...

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