Hallwood in the Autumn

The Hallwood homestead is a grand old cottage.  Believed to be over 100 years old, this old cottage was built and occupied by early farmers who cleared the land and raised sheep and cattle. 

A small 2 bedroom cottage with lounge, dining, kitchen, shower/laundry and a spare room. The fireplaces are no longer used, rather there is a slow wood burning heater in the lounge and all the mod cons in the kitchen. Many a big party has been held here. 

Also in the kitchen is the "Wall of Fame". The Wall of Fame contains the height and name of all those who came before. You can see our children growing up on this wall as well as remember parties and people from years gone by. Some of who you don't see anymore or infrequently.

If it weren't for Andy and a few of us the house would have lost it's roof years ago, the floor would be stuffed, it would have a few windows missing and some of the walls would be gone. Andy has done a great job restoring the old joint.

The Shed!
The bike shed.

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The old chimney stacks outside the kitchen.


Big front porch.
Magnificent scenery from the seat in front yard.


Andy in the house.
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The Wall of Fame "those who came before".


The modern kitchen complete with beer bottle wall.

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