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Saturday 17th June 2006

After a break of a few years, it was great to finally get back to Hallwood and what a great day it was!
Saturday's 2 Hour Postie Bike Race had a record 25 Bikes on the starting line with 7 Bikes actually completing the Race.  Definitely the BEST ever for a Winter Race, and reported to be the biggest starting line up EVER!  The weather was also the best we've ever had at a Winter Race as was the crowd with around 70-80 people in attendance at the meeting.  Some old faces that we haven't seen for years were also in attendance. The most notable was the Blayney Boys (Tim & Tony) who won the 2 Hour in their usual style after being away for 2.5 years!
A couple of 5 lap warm up races were held before the 2 hour, then there was an extended lunch break while I stuffed around trying to get a model aeroplane flying for pre-race entertainment.  This plan failed dismally. :-(  Next time I will fence off an area for flying planes if I decide to do that again.
When we went to get the 2 hour race started at 2:30pm there were 14 bikes on the track just free-styling, so I had to ask them all to stop to prepare for the 2 hour because otherwise we would have been finishing the race in darkness.  So the 2 hour actually started at 2:38 PM
Right from the start there were a couple of standouts, but Tim's Shell #327 racer was just out there in a class of it's own.  It looked really great to see so many bikes screaming around Hallwood and I reckon the roar of engines at the start would have been heard in Orange! The race itself was generally trouble free but a few people had to leave early and my bike although very quick early in the day was a DNF due to a burned out clutch. I'm sure there were a lot of other stories to tell.
Official Results:
1st Place - #327 Tim & Tony
2nd Place - MOTUL Terry & Cameron
3rd Place - Brett & Michael


The start of one of the warm up races
Coming down the hill - fast part of the circuit

Dave coming out of crash corner

What a great scene
Dragging up the Main Straight


A view back to the crowd.

The Line up for the 2 Hour Race


The Start!

Woooaa! Look out!


The Start from another angle.
Top of the Main Straight


Big Waz with slipping clutch! (It's all about me)
This corner was quite tricky on the day.


Nice shot of the boys going up the Straight


1st Place Tim & Tony


2nd Place - Terry & Cameron 3rd Place - Brett & Michael


Nice Looking Shamrock Machine


Interesting Fast 50


A couple of happy campers getting ready for a cold night.


A view back through the back of the pits.
The campers decided to move into the shearing shed.


They should have done this!


Next Race - Garthowen - 2nd September 2006 - see for details

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