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The Locksley Race Day
June 2005

Welcome to the first race at the now famous, Locksley circuit. Locksley is a small town situated near Bathurst NSW. After the shock cancellation of the May 05 Race at Brightside, the boys built a new track at the new venue in no time at all and successfully held their first race. An excellent achievement. From all accounts and the photos and comments from Noel below, it looks like everyone had a great time.

View of the start line from the top of the roller coaster.
Going into the roller coaster.

The pit area from across the dam.

Lining up. A good selection of bikes and rider ages, even a few yellow two strokes
Off we go!


There we go!

Going off the roller coaster!


Top of roller coaster

Better put some in...

Out of turn 2 and up the hill

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