Brightside Spring 2004 Race

Sat 25th Sept. 2004

The weather started off cool but got warmer then got cooler again towards the end of the day. (as most days do)  Although the paddocks were green and the dams were full, the track itself was dry and dusty.  There was a cool steady breeze blowing from the west which kept the spectator numbers down but kept the dust blowing away. The track was in very good condition after being scraped with a grader. 

Parko and Jeremy were on fire as was Noel and there were a few other good efforts too.  My bike didn't get going properly despite many people having a go at it. So I went on the JPS Special Purple Monster with young Blake and his sponsor Bob.  Bob just rebuilt it with a Tighe racing cam, new valves, new head, new rings and a new piston. It goes tops.

I didn't see much racing as we spent most of the day getting my bike going, but there were a few thrill and spills. The 2 Hour started at 3:50 PM and ended at 5:50PM. Only 3 out of 15 bikes finished the race. Parko and Jeremy got 1st, Noel 2nd, and one of Parkos mates was 3rd. The rest were all DNF.

Later on we had a BBQ and few drinks and it was good.  There was even some riding by moonlight by one young keen fellow.

The start of the 1st race!!!
Young Jeremy, what can I say "weight of a fly - as fast as a hornet" (F18 hornet that is!)"
Parko 2nd (as usual) and blowing a lot of smoke!l But later the same bike and rider went on to win the 2 hour.
And Noel 2nd overall on the Day - Interesting Stat: Noel riding, top speed was 61 km/h - when Jeremy rode it top speed 65 km/h
The rest of the field making lots of dust to hinder the front runners...
Great to see Blake getting into the action on the Team "Dataless" JPS special purple monster (rebuilt) It goes MUCH faster now Blake!
A couple of the Security Guards... (no actually Bob and Waz)
The awesome crowd who braved the cold to come out and play postiebikes.

Next race 27th Nov 2004 - Last one for this year...

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