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Day 2 Race 1 - what a start!

The 2003 Turondale Race Weekend

Well folks it was blood, sweat and postie bikes at the inaugural Turondale Grand Prix held on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th Feburary 2003.. Day 1 was hot and dusty (with emphasis on the dusty), so since this was the first time here we decided to play around a little more than usual. Also, the fact that we were camping on the Turon River among the gold diggings we decided to swim a little, ride a little and drink a lot!  There were a couple of semi serious races held later in the day when things got a little cooler, but boy was she still dusty!

Panoramic shot of camping area from race track.

Day 2 was cool and wet after a thundery and showery night.  Racing got under way around 10:30am and the boys really made up for what they didn't to on Saturday. The dust had turned to mud and the track although firm was a bit slippery in places which made for some good tight racing with a few spectacular stacks thrown in for good measure. Luckily no-one was seriously hurt, just a few bits of bark missing here and there and a few burns and bruises. I can't say the same about the bikes though.

The first thing to do is setup camp. Very hard to do when there is little or no level ground and the ground consists entirely of river stones. The second thing to do is take a picture of the tent! That's mine on the left. The bike track is on top of the hill in the background.
This is Colin doing a last minute rebuild of his engine. OK here we go, getting ready for the first race.
The start of race one day one. Not sure about Dean on the XR200. As you would expect the XR lapped the field but he did look good so what the heck. Did I mention it was dusty?
There goes Parko, one of the pioneers of the sport. This is a newcomer, Neil doing it tough on my bike. He didn't like my rear suspension, I told him that bad tradesmen always blame their tools.
This is Rob from Orange who has become a regular.
This is Pete, who has also become a regular.
And here's a closer look at Rob's beast. What's this? Try a CT90 engine in a YZ80 frame. This one was built by Pete for his daughter.
Very pro.  Purple is nice...
Now this is a novel idea... lets go the other way!
There goes Dave on my bike again. Hey Dave, get your own bike!
Go Sarah, hey what's that behind, a storm?
What to do when it starts to rain? Why not drink!
Glenn wanted to have a go on my bike so he could get his picture up here!
This is what happened 2 seconds later. Cleaned up by the guy who came from behind!  The price you have to pay!
Look at this little charger, Rob's son  Jeremy on his XR75 But the weekend belonged to big Jeremy, who won every race he entered and totally demoralised the rest of the field. (even when he gave a head start)
And Jeremy's dad Ken also blitzed them when he was allowed to have a go. Thanks for a great weekend Ken! Here's the aftermath of another stack which resulted in great pain for 2 members of the team from Cowra. (Danny & Denzel)

P.S. That was not all!  After I left there was even more fun. A hill climb event that was a time trial in which Ken's son Jeremy won. There were also a few more races, the last of which resulted in Danny from Cowra breaking his leg in two places. Sorry to hear about that.  Get well soon matey!

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