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The 2004 Turondale Postie Bike Weekend

The weather forecast said "Hot to Very Hot!" and that is exactly what we got at the Turondale Grand Prix held on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th February 2004. There was a distinct lack of interest in riding when the temp had reached 36șC by 11AM. So why not just sit in the river and keep cool?  Plus the fact that another group had trespassed on "Private Property" to steal our camping spot meant we had to camp up stream making it difficult to gain access to the race track. But, we got there and the hot westerly wind showered them with our dust and noise. That's Karma.

The boys

 We had a couple of races on Saturday which was mainly to please the spectators who had come all the way from Japan to visit the Postie Bike races. After swimming for the rest of the day we were entertained by didgeridoo music composed by a few of the local performers while we drank the night away.  After a hot, still night day 2 was even hotter!!!  So only one race took place on Sunday. Most of us just stayed in the river again.

The Start!  8 racers take instructions from the starter. 10 Laps!
1st Young Jeremy - heaps faster than anyone else!
2nd & 3rd Ken (1) and Noel (08) on petrol (good work lads!)
4th Chris - on petrol (No 850)
5th Wazza  - on methanol - extra light on safety gear (No. 3)  
6th Kaine (Mr Motocross) - on methanol No. 4 
7th Chris the Gothic Gladiator 
Chris's No 850 and Parko's No 1 having a rest!

Relaxing by the Turon river...

Music: Canned Heat - Rollin' and a Tumblin' 1968

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