To: Warren Leadbeatter
From: Dean Lavers
Subject: Steppie Page
Date: 3rd March 1999

Warren, G'day, Deano here (Yellow and purple Steppie, publicity campaign officer and resident of the Riverview track, Bathurst).

Well after the dismal flat tyre on Jess' bike during last Saturday's 2 hour Ive begun to look toward the Riverview Anzac Meeting for a phoenix type comeback. Now that the fuel-wars have begun, success is limited to bike and rider stamina even more so.

I found the way to the little StEPPiE racing site and had a brief chuckle to myself...that Hallwood day was missed by myself due to my recless thinking that snow and ice results in a no-show race day.. The minute I arrived at Parko's and saw the turf n' muck encrusted warriors, I knew that I had missed out on an eventful day.

Last Sat turned out to be an interesting one indeed. I have never witnessed the demise of such a field in such a small space of time. No doubt the heat of the day had something to do with it too.

I have enclosed a few pages of correspondence with my riding partner, my brother, Wayne who engineered and performs miracle upkeep on his bike, the Techni Colour Yawn. At the time the letters were written, the bike was not up to standard and so he missed the day that is related to. Since then, after taking a few forward and backwards strides we reached the pinnacle last year with a beautiful win of the flooded Riverview circuit's 2hr. The letter draws in a good feel for good old Hallwood. I think it was the race meet before the one of your web page.

Lastly let me offer any ideas you may need, write-up's and photo's, in keeping your Steppie page up-to-date or run-downs on certain races. I am able to scan and send photos, and have about 4 years of postie bikecoverage. Anyway, let us know what you reckon'. It may also be an interesting way to let the sport grow.