Supercharged Postie Bike Unveiled

 at Brightside Winter Race


As expected it was bloody cold, but clear and dry.  There was a steady breeze blowing that was cold enough to freeze the you know what's off a brass monkey.  Right from the outset, Parkos bike was going good - better than previous meets anyway - what has he done this time? The track was moist and had recently been graded and was in primo condition for the beating it was about to get from a thousand die hard postie riders. (well a few anyway).

The rule of the day to keep warm was where ever you were you needed a fire nearby to keep warm. Nothing else would do. So that's what we did! The racing was pretty consistent, no-one had any bad stacks (i got a small bruise on my shin), and the winners were Parko and Jeremy 1st, Noel and Chris 2nd and that's about all that I know. 

Anyway heres some of the best pics I took... (look for the supercharger pics at the end)

The line up for the first race (R to L - Parko, Jeremy, Noel, Chris) 
And it was all Jeremy 'Go Jeza!'
With Parko and Noel battling for 2nd
The Start of the 2nd Race - same deal all over again
Jeza blowing them away...
The Start of the 2 Hour! 
Great to see Tony G back getting into the action on the Team "Dataless" JPS special purple monster
Team Rosato (minus the Rosato) Santa and his helpers had a great time <grin>
One of the young guns giving it his all.
The awesome crowd who braved the cold to come out and play.
Team Neale & Jeremy won as expected

Note: Some stats from Noels bike computer: Noel came 2nd - 160 Laps, Average Speed 42km/h, Top Speed 61 Km/h, Lap Distance = 530 metres, Race Distance 84.74 kms. It was estimated that Parkos bike (1st) did 170 laps - you can do the maths to workout that their average speed was around 45km/h.

And then when we thought it was all over this happened...  A guy arrives in a ute and we all thought, "gee you're a bit late mate". Then someone said "did you see the bike in the back of his ute" I said "yeah - what did he just buy it or something?" "No" he said  "it's got a supercharger on it!"  Here are some pics...

Single click for larger image Single click for larger image Single click for larger image

A whole new can of worms has been opened now... to be continued...

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Last Updated - 01-Jun-2004