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Hallwood International Raceway - Dungeon Rd Vittoria NSW Australia

A beautiful day was on hand for the running of the August 2000 Vittorian Winter Grand Prix. It was a big day with a high number of folks in attendance... There were 11 bikes in the 2 Hour Enduro which went from 4Pm to 6PM so it finished in twilight after sunset.

The Start of the 2 Hour!
The jump was used extensively on the day.
One of the front runners burning down the hill...
The Silver Bullet in Mid Air!
Yee Harrr!!!
Woooooo Hooo!
Go Ben!
Methanol burners Tim and Tony got 3rd...behind the Lambswool seat Petrol Bike.

Results of POSTIE 2 HR


1st  151 Laps- Simon and Steve on the Lambs wool seat Postie
2nd 148 Laps- The 2 young dudes on the Yellow Guard and Headlight On
3rd  142 Laps- Tim & Tony on the Shell Racing Postie
4th   140 Laps- Dave and Bruce on the Green Hornet Racing Team Postie
5th   136 Laps- Scott and John on the Blue Padded Handle Bar Postie
6th   134 Laps- Jeremy McGrath Jnr on the Honda XR80
7th   130 Laps- Neale and Sarah on the No 1 Motocross Postie
8th   123 Laps- They guys on the Postie with the Blue front mudguard
9th   122 Laps- Warren and Ben on the No 3 Ballard's Racing Postie
10th 79 Laps- Ray and Andrew on the Ray's Racing Postie
11th 45 Laps- DNF - Craig and his Brother on the Silver Bullet Postie
  Score card


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