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We have been racing Postie Bikes at Hallwood since the early 1990's. In those days Nobby lived there, we were a lot younger and we raced all day and partied all night.  It's amazing how far we have come since the first time we had a postie bike race on two bikes that Nobby had gotten from somewhere. Neil, Dave, Andy and I have worked hard to keep the Hallwood homestead alive and we race Postie Bikes whenever we can. In June 1998 I decided to go public with the CT110 Postie Bike Racing Web Page as a bit of a joke... everyone thought it was such a good thing that I decided to expand on the idea... now the site just keeps changing all the time and has generated worldwide interest.



Winter Race Brightside - 29th May 2004 Brightside May 2004
Autmun Race Brightside - 3rd April 2004 Brightside April 2004
Turondale 2 day Race - 7/8 Feb 2004 Brightside February 2004
Summer Race Brightside - 8th Nov. 2003 Brightside November 2003
Spring Race Brightside - 6th Sept 2003 Brightside September 2003
Winter Race Brightside - 12th July 2003 Brightside July 2003
Autumn Race Hallwood - 12th April 2003 Hallwood April 2003
Turondale 2 Day Race - 15/16 February 2003 Turondale Feburaury 2003
Hallwood - 13th Jan 2001 Hallwood January 2001
2000 Vittorian Grand Prix - 11th Nov 2000 Hallwood November 2000
Winter Race - 8th August 2000 Hallwood

August 2000

ANZAC Day Race - 24th April 2000 Riverview

April 2000

Koolrasta Race - 26th February 2000 Koolrasta

February 2000

Summer Race - 20th November 1999 Hallwood November 1999
Riverview August 1999
Hallwood June 1999
Riverview April 1999
Hallwood February 1999
Hallwood June 1998

Hallwood. (circa 1990)

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