The Koolrasta Grand Prix

26th February 2000

Click here to view full size mapWelcome to the highlights of the inaugural Koolrasta Grand Prix held on the 26th February 2000 at Milthorpe.

Well, as I have said many times before, "What a day it was!" The official weather report from central race control read: "Weather fine, Track fast, grassy and slippery with a few big ruts in the corners!" Dry, hot and extra grassy conditions were the order of the day. There was an occaisional cloud passing by offering brief periods of shade from the hot summer sun.

On approach to Koolrasta we came to a nice new country house. Tony Graham and his wife Kelly were our hosts. The track is situated 50 M from the house.

The race track is a beauty. You start off up the hill heading south away from the house. You need to get every ounce of power out of the CT110 engine to get up fast. Just as you reach the top of the hill and start to pick up speed, you come a sharp left hander with a couple of deep ruts. If you don't turn here you run straight into a barbed wire fence about 3 metres from the edge of the track. This is the only dangerous part of the circuit. (This is where Gail bit it) From there it's down the hill approx 100 metres then back to 2nd or 3rd for a sweeping left hand turn into a short straight then a sweeping right around the water tank then a quick sharp left hander with opposite camber. This one is tricky. After that you lead on to an easy right and onto the home straight before a hair pin bend to lead you back up the hill.

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