Vittorian Grand Prix

Held at: Hallwood, Dungeon Rd Vittoria NSW Australia
Lat: S33.45 S Long: E149.33 Elev: 980M GMT -11
11th November 2000 10:00AM-7:30PM

From the moment we reached Bathurst we knew it was going to be a WET RACE! The turn out was reasonable considering the weather, with about 14 Postie bikes in attendance plus a dozen kids on various mini bikes.  The track was very slippery in places and got worse as the day went on. It was to be a day for the petrol bikes with Tony on No 25 setting the standard in the first couple of races.

Steve's Pertol Powered Number 7
Tony's Pertol Powered Number 25
The Kids race was great! I WON!

Neale's bike (No 1) although on song running Methanol could not keep up with the petrol bikes.
Tony's bike has so much power he can pull monos up the hill out of crash corner!
Look at this litle champion (hands up) the winner of the Little Kids Race!
The Start of the 2 Hour Vittorian Grand Prix. There were 4 other bikes in the 2nd Row (out of picture)
There they go down the hill for the first time! Steve, Neil, then Dave and the others followed.
Steve had a great technique for going through the slippery section before the jump.
Neale powered on but his bike broke down around Lap 70.
Dave soldiered on, on my bike during the 2 Hr after having a hard fall earlier in the day.
At the end of the 2 Hrs it was Steve on No 7 first place witth 120 laps and me 2nd on No 3 with 101 laps.

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Last Updated - 15 Nov 2000

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