The 1999 Vittorian Grand Prix!
CT-110 Postie Bike Racing.

Welcome to the highlights of the 1999 Vittorian Grand Prix. Well! What day it was. Probably the best on record. The official weather report from central race control (Neil's Place) read: "Weather Fine, Track Fast!" Dry, dusty conditions were welcome after the wet, cold & windy event I attended last year.

There were a few surprise entries this time round, ranging from your stock standard ex Aussie Post machines through to a couple of highly modified methanol burning SUPER BLASTERS! There were about 15 bikes in attendance including a GS125 Suzuki ring-in. Two 5 lap sprint races were held as lead up races to the Main Event, "The Postie 2 Hour."

Hallwood - Site of the Vittorian Grand Prix
Neil's Methanol Burner Neil's mate's Methanol Burner
1. Neil has modified his machine to run on Methanol. The details of these modifications are a closely guarded secret. 2. Neil's mate Craig is the man with all the knowledge on the Methanol mods. Check out his MONO SHOCK rear suspension.
3. Here's another modified Postie with a conventional tank and seat fitted! 4. That's my bike there with Gail and the kids having lunch.
5. The Start of the 2 Hour Race, this time we went for a full 2 hours. 10 bikes started the race and each team had 2 riders. 6. Hey! how'd that GS125 Suzuki get in there? Oh well, the more the merrier eh! Too bad he did not finish the race.
7. There goes Dave, one of the pioneers of the sport, on my bike. At this point he would have been doing approx 70km/h and doing 45 second laps. 8. Neil, doing what he does best, blasting his way through Crash Corner. At the 1 Hr mark ony 4 bikes were still racing out of the 10 that started.
9. At about 20 Mins from the end Neil & Craig ran out of Racing Fuel. Currently in 2nd they decided to make a pit stop to change carby so they could run on Super fuel to get home. 10. Here they are changing the carby, isn't it great how the other teams lend a hand. "Can I have a sip of your beer mate?"
11. 1st vs 2nd battling it out late in the race. The lead changed a couple of times near the end. 12. Here comes the Winner! The 'young guns' from Blayney on their 'stock' CT-110 Postie Bike. Only 3 bikes finished the race.
13. 1st Prize Trophy, Congratulations to the Tony & Tim from Blayney. If you win you must come back next time to defend your title otherwise you forfiet the Trophy. 14. Minor place getters, That's me on the left 3rd, Neil on the Right 2nd and Neil's team mate, Craig, in the middle.

If you are interested in finding out more about Postie Bike Racing drop me an email.

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Last Updated - 26 April, 1999

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