Kaine, Chris, Josh, Parko, Amy, Jason, Narelle, Jacob, Julian, Kayla, Warren.

Vittoria Grand Prix! - 6 Sept. 2003 
[Brightside, Vittoria, NSW, Australia]

The Vittoria Grand Prix was held at Brightside on 6th September 2003.   The weather was cool and cloudy and threatening rain, but then it cleared up to a nice afternoon. 

The track was dry but slightly moist underneath. The first race was a 5 lapper! The track has been extended at the bottom end to make a high speed entry hair pin bend which also lengthens the main straight. The were a few stacks on the new hairpin resulting in a few aches and bruises. We later had a 20 lapper as a warm up for the 2 Hr.

The 2 Hour was going to start at 3pm but because Neale had a broken throttle cable we all had to wait til he was able to borrow one from another bike that wasn't going in the 2 Hour. So instead of breaking up the line up the boys (and girls) had a quick 5 lapper while they waited for Parko. The race ended up starting at  3:42 PM. A record 16 bikes started the 2 Hour with 10 finishing the race.

The Blayney boys Tim & Tony won the 2 Hr race showing blistering pace and great riding. At the end of the race it was discovered that their bike had a broken right rear swingarm. Great effort lads!

I think young Jeremy was second and someone else was third... A great day was had by all which ended up in a barbeque, party and camp out.


Jeremy doing a superman!
1. The line up for the first race. 2. Yee harr! Here we go!
3. There goes Mick flying up the hill on No 3. 4. The new No 4 is going really good with Kaine onboard. Check out the XR headlight.

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5. The line up for the start of the 2 hour!

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6. There he goes...  7. Dave's Green Hornet.
8. Tony was getting some big air! 9. Duelling Postiebikes!!!
10. Shane and Jeremy battling it out! 11. Mick getting some air!
12. Dave on the Hornet! 13. Kaine getting some BIG air!
14. Blayney Boys WIN! (Tim & Tony & Parko) 15. Broken swingarm on the Blayney boy's bike.

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