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Vittoria Grand Prix! - 8 Nov. 2003 
[Brightside, Vittoria, NSW, Australia]

The Vittoria Grand Prix was held at Brightside on 8th November 2003.   The weather was fine and warm which was a pleasant change to the race held earlier this year. The only down side to this was that it was very dusty.

The track was VERY dry. The first race was a 5 lapper! The track has been extended again at the bottom end to reduce the mount of dust being generated. The track was also changed slightly elsewere to reduce dust. We had a water cart also towed by Julian's 4wd to wet down the track. 

We also had a 2 x 10 lap two rider event as a warm up for the 2 Hr.

The 2 Hour started at around 4:40pm so therefore did not finish until 6:40pm.  Thanks to daylight saving there was still plenty of light at the end of the race.

The Blayney boys Tim & Tony won the 2 Hr race AGAIN showing blistering pace and great riding. It was revealed that their bike has been modified and is actually a 125cc with a clutch and plenty of secret mods that they remain very tight lipped about.  So it looks like we all have to bore and stroke our machines now to try to match them!

2 Hour Results: Blayney Boys (Tim & Tony) 1st, Jeremy & Ken 2nd, Parko (Neale) & Modge (Shane) 3rd. 

As always a great time was had by all, including the REAL Posties who came up from Sydney to have a gander and a ride. We later partied on into the full moon lit night and had a great camp out under the stars!

Shane and his two little ones...
1. Young Jeremy - fast! 2. Parko doing a track inspection.
3. A look back to the bottom corner. 4. Parko battling it out.

5. The line up for the start of the 2 hour!


6. Julian found a few extra horses... 7. Ken - look one hand!
8. Noel raced the 2 hour on his own! 9. Dave on Methanol No.3
10. Reverse angle shot of the 2 hr line up. Look at the dudes in the background :-)

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