The November 1999
Vittorian (Night) Grand Prix!

Welcome to the highlights of the November 1999 Vittorian Grand Prix featuring for the first time in the event's 9 year history NIGHT RACING!.

Well, as I have said many times before, "What a day it was! Probably the best on record." The official weather report from central race control read: "Weather Fine, Track Fast and Slippery!" Dry and extra grassy conditions were welcome after the wet, cold & windy winter season. This was to be that last race of the century, and what a way to remember it with night racing for the first time.

It seems that the highly modified methanol burning SUPER POSTIE'S are now becoming the norm, with only a few stock standard engined machines in attendance it really was a day for the fast guys. There were about 12 postie bikes in attendance plus a few of the usual ring-in's. Several 5 and 10 lap sprint races were held as well as a couple of relay races all leading up to the Big One, "The NIGHT Postie 1 Hour."

Hallwood - Site of the Vittorian Grand Prix

A new addition to the competition
= Bruce's Green Machine =

Features lowered motor, jacked up suspension, custom power pipe and runs on Av-Gas Well done!


After Craig broke his frame at the ANZAC day
meet he went away and came back with this!

Bruce doing a few tune up laps to get the gear
ratios right. Lacking a bit in the top end?


The START! This is the start of Gail's first race ever. What a top photo showing everyone who was there.


Racing Gail on the best looking bike there.

A few of the large crowd swapping stories.

You can just see Luke on my bike during the night race in this shot.

I can't tell who this is! I needed a bigger flash.

Sure do wish I had a bigger flash for some of the night racing action. It would have been good to get a few action shots of that posted here. Next time, if there ever is one, I'll remember to pack my Big Flash!

If you are interested in finding out more about Postie Bike Racing drop me an email.

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Last Updated - 25 November, 1999

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