The 2003 Vittorian Winter Grand Prix!
[Brightside, Vittoria, NSW, Australia]

The inaugural race at Brightside was held on 12th July 2003   The day started off wet and miserable. On arrival the weather was bleak... cold and windy with passing showers coming out of the west.  A couple of test laps from me was enough to see that there was no track yet, only wet grass a bit of dirt and car tyres to mark the corners. After a dozen or so test laps from 6 or 7 of us there was a definite line, of PURE MUD starting to form.  The first race started on time at 12 midday. It was a 6 lapper! (something new!)  Plenty of slips and slides and stacks.  Meantime the weather was improving.  No rain and clouds breaking up. The 2 Hour started at 3.06pm and was hotly contested by about 8 or 9 bikes. Neale Parko was out in front for all the race since Dave's Green Hornet obtained a broken crank case during the warm up racing earlier in the day. A newcomer named Noel was doing pretty good as was my bike but by the  one hour mark the field had dwindled due to mechanical trouble or rider fatigue. By the end of two hours there were only three bikes left.   A fairly good outcome for a winter race considering some years past have seen the race shortened to a 1 hour. 
Moonrise over Brightside
1. A couple of young blokes learning a thing or two about the finer points of Racing from the Guru (Parko). 2. Meanwhile, out the back it was looking like this!
3. The new track after just a few laps. 4. The new track after the warm up period.
5. The start of the very first race at Brightside!
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6. A couple of really nice looking postie bikes... 7. The start of the 2 Hour Race (click to view avi clip)
8. Wooo hooo! 9. Go you good thing!
10. Parko wins it! 11. Victory Burn Out!

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