Hallwood Vittoria NSW Australia

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A brief history of the Postie Bikes at Hallwood

It all started a long time ago when a guy named Milthorpe Mark lived at Hallwood. According to Mark, there was this guy named Brad who played around with Postie bikes at Hallwood. Brad and his mate Neale raced against some guys at Kurrajong Heights before making their own track at Hallwood.  

Originally there were some big race days held there, but later on it was just the Postie bikes and a few die hard people trying to get some relaxation from city life. Some big parties with full bands have been held over the years and the old Hallwood House has has stood the test of time and still stands today. It's a great place to relax and get away from it all.

Most of the bikes are ex Australia Post mail delivery bikes (Postie bikes) the others are agricultural versions of the same animal. Some are stripped down to the bare necessities, some even have modified suspension, loud exhaust pipes and nobby tyres. The main instigator of this class of racing, Neale, has a postie with a KX-80 front end, home made rear suspension and a manual clutch. My bike is a genuine ex Postie Bike, has been stripped down and has a some trick mods to make it look and go faster. The crank cases have also been painted to give it a "black motor" look.

Postie races were held at Hallwood from 1987 to 2003, but these days there is no fixed venue and it changes as required. See Race Archives

If you would live in the Sydney, Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange Districts you might be interested in more information about going postie racing (Vittoria is only 2.5-3 hours from Sydney) check out the Future Events page.

Hallwood - Site of the Vittorian Grand Prix

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